My name is Mark Andrew Elvidge, and I am the principal creator of eComble.com, along with my partner Debbie.

Through this website, our aim is to help others achieve financial independence from making money online. This could be either as a full-time online business operator, or as a part-time venture – bringing in a supplementary income. This website is our hub for providing reviews and recommendations, for products and services related to the ‘Make Money Online’ niche.

My background encompasses both technology and marketing. I started my career in 1979 as a telecommunications apprentice. Years later, I worked for a national telecoms company, as a sales executive. And a few years later, I founded a successful Security Group of companies – employing around 50 staff. It was after that, in 1996, I started a small online business, mainly providing website design, hosting, and associated services, under the banner of e-HQ.

Over the last couple of years, I have witnessed may individuals making crazy amounts of money, from online businesses, with some of the fastest achieves, being in the Affiliate Marketing sector. It is for that reason, why I have moved into this area too.

The transfer of wealth – enabled by the Internet.

As we all know – these are very interesting times – as the transition of the more traditional types of businesses which have been around for many years, migrate in various forms to the Internet. In addition, many completely new types of businesses have evolved which could never have existed before the world-wide-web.

Every day, we are witnessing thousands of high-street businesses closing down – or in some cases, simply closing down their physical presence of offices and stores. So many well established, and well-known brands – some of which had become household names, and had been around for many decades – are disappearing completely.

However – money is still being spent, on both goods and services. So this has in many cases become a transfer of wealth, and we are still somewhat in the pioneering early days. With the development of the internet, consumers now have the convenience to do the majority of things online – and as such – traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ premises, be them shops or offices, are being replaced by server farms, making up the storage of data within the ‘cloud’, and distributed to homes, businesses and offices worldwide via the internet. Consumers and operators of the world-wide-web are increasing at a phenomenal rate on a daily basis – as people can now not only access from connected computers, but also mobile devices.

Everything about the internet, is constantly evolving and developing – and as such, there are equal opportunities for anyone, who is prepared to take some action. And the wonderful thing is, that all of the information you need to achieve online financial independence, is also available everywhere on the net. You just simply need some time, common-sense, and determination – through online self-education, and then application.

In the ‘old days’, if you wanted to start a business, you often needed a large sum of money to get started, and then the skills, education, or a vast amount of determination and time, to be in with a chance to succeed. People would remortgage their homes, and borrow additional money, just to pay for premises, operating equipment and stock. And for many – this was not an option, and simply out of reach.

Right now, things are totally different – and are still changing. Now it’s possible to establish and grow a business with little or no investment. The knowledge and education to achieve this, can start for free – for those willing to search for it online. Countless opportunities are there for everyone, where once they didn’t exist. Many people have become wealthy within the last few years, and many more on a weekly basis – thanks to the opportunities provided by the internet.

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