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Initially, we nearly passed this one by. However, after looking at just about every review we could find online – we decided to give it a go. And wow!!

Whilst you can rapidly build up a residual income, promoting the product itself – the great appeal for us, was getting 100-200 fresh qualified leads, every day! Building your list up to around 1,400 a week, or up to 6,000 in just 30 days. And it keeps growing.

And if you sign up via the link on this independent review page, you also get lots of bonuses, including 50 email swipes, and access to a special Facebook Group, where every Friday, you can share access to around 100,000 qualified leads!

Although not free, the service provides you with 100-200 qualified leads every day, for just $1And this also includes a compliant online mailing system, so that you don’t have to take any risks. You can also download all of the leads too.

The total cost to access the system, is a $30 one-off fee, and then $30 per-month for the leads, unless you decide to cancel at any time.

Are you somewhat new to affiliate / online marketing, and are looking to get going with a qualified quantity of leads, without the hassle of Facebook or Google advertising, or solo ads?

Or maybe you are more established, and just looking for a continual supply of qualified leads?

Whatever your situation – checkout the review videos below – and decide for yourself. And remember, when you decide to go ahead, using this link from another independent review site, will get you all of the extra bonuses. Don’t miss out on this one, as we nearly did!

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